Insulation Removal

There are an abundance of reasons for insulation to be removed - some of them essential, some not so critical. At Warm N Cozy Insulation, our assessment process will determine if, and to what extent, removal is required. We have encountered almost every removal scenario one can imagine.

In some cases, there's too much existing insulation - it actually restricts the efficiency of airflow, and impedes proper ventilation, especially in areas like the attic. This kind of situation can often lead to an invasion of mold and mildew, which in itself might lead to bigger problems.

Another common condition is damaged insulation, as a result of a leaking roof, animal contamination, or perhaps smoke damage. In a worst-case scenario, the insulation may require removal in order to eliminate pre-existing materials that are dangerous and harmful (sometimes hazardous), like vermiculite or asbestos. It's also not uncommon for insulation to be removed during a renovation or retrofit. Although new insulation can be installed over old insulation, removal and retrofit during an upgrade is recommended for best results.

Regardless of the reason, Warm N cozy can perform a complete and thorough removal of the insulation - quick, safe and clean, using state-of-the-art equipment, without disturbing the occupants of the home.

Insulation removal is basically a "cleanup" process, but it needs the experience and expertise for a job well done. Our trained staff uses larger turbine vaccums and industrail hose to suck out all the materials we discards the waste insulation in an exterior disposal system, leaving no debris - the area in question is returned to its original condition, and at times, in better condition.

The Internet is full of do-it-yourself options and promises, but our personal customer exposure shows that insulation removal is best left to the experts. The process is extremely labor-intensive, and equally time consuming - at minimum you can double that time for someone who is inexperienced.

In short, this is not the time or place for a Do-it-Yourself project.

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