Attic Insulation

40% of a home’s heat loss occurs through the attic. Warm N Cozy Insulation can bring your home up to today’s building code, save you money and increase your comfort level.

The older your home the less likely it is to be properly insulated. As of 2017 the new standard is an R60 rating which means 20" inches overall of insulation. Many homes have less than 6 inches of insulation!



Does Your Home Need More Insulation? Here are the tell-tale signs.

  • High heating costs
  • High cooling costs
  • Cold areas/rooms in the house
  • Premature aging of roof
  • Leaking roof
  • Ice buildup in roof valleys
  • Icicles hanging from eavestroughs and fascia


When properly insulated, the inside attic temperature is the same as the outside temperature.

The Process
The ideal time to have your insulation upgraded to modern building code and to save on energy bills is now. With energy prices only going up in cost why not take advantage of Green On rebate program of $1 sqft in returns for upgrading your attic insulation

Step 1
The owner of Warm n cozy Insulation will come to your home and check the attic for insulation and proper ventilation. During this inspection we will take photos so you can see and understand the nature of the problem.

Step 2
You will be provided with a written quotation that outlines the work required and materials to be used.

Step 3
Installing your upgraded insulation package

Most homes need additional moore vents. This may require adding moore vents to the soffit area or extending existing ones to insure proper air flow into the attic space. Most homes have a average of 10 or more holes cut for lights fixtures in the ceiling. When these holes are not sealed it results in rapid heat transfer into your attic. We air seal around these fixtures to increase your energy saving and comfort.

Owens Corning “pink insulation” will be blown in to the amount listed on your estimate. We back our product and workmanship with a 5 yr warranty. An entire 1000 square foot home can be completed in about 2-4 hours with our professional staff and state of the art equitment. We lay drop sheets down on your floors and leave your place cleaner then it was when we arrived.

Warm N cozy Insulation is grateful for the 1000's of loyal customers over the years and we like to make you about of this group.