Blown in Blanket

Warm N Cozy Insulation strives to be the best Insulation contractor in the Ottawa Valley.  Due to our hard work and flawless applications Warm N Cozy is proud to be Ontario’s only BIBCA certified gold member.

The Blow-in-Blanket System (BIBS) is a unique state of the art insulation system that uses loose fill fiberglass insulation (no additives, binding agents, or chemicals) to manufacture a seamless blanket of insulation in cathedral ceilings, floors, framed walls, basements and more.

The Blow-In-Blanket System is achieved by blowing a loose fill fiberglass through a hose and out a nozzle into the cavity behind a fiber mesh netting that is precisely attached to the studs. With 3 times the density of standard fiberglass batt insulation and not to mention performance ratings equivalent to spray foam at half the price, the choice of which insulation to install is an easy one.

The Blow-In-Blanket System works with any blueprint fits any configuration, to make custom-fit insulation right on the job site. Completely filling around wiring, fixtures, and plumbing eliminating costly voids and air gaps.It will NEVER SETTLE and lasts for the life of the home, providing you with endless savings, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Benefits of BIBS

  • Highest R-values in the industry - The Blow-In-Blanket System higher density insulation delivers higher R-values, saving you energy and money    
  • Non Settling product 
The unique process of injecting the fiber behind a dust-free mesh eliminates settling
  • Reduced Air leakage 
Laboratory tests show the Blow-In-Blanket System reduces air leakage up to 70%
  • 3x the density of fiberglass batts 
The process of injecting the fiber behind a mesh and dense packing it to a 1.8 -2.0 lbs density per cubic ft creates a superior product
  • Chemical Free - In addition to it energy-saving and custom fitting qualities, BIBS incorporates fiberglass made with 25% or greater recycled content
  • Excellent Sound Control   
BIBS completely fills around objects in the wall cavity resulting in excellent sound control
  • Safety - BIBS is naturally non-flammable, does not support the growth of mold, and contains no add formaldehyde..
  • Affordable